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    Kulr is a thoughtfully designed beverage cooler built for style, function and beauty.

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Kulr Is…

Kulr is a game-changing personal beverage cooler designed for the stylish, digital consumer.

Built-in Speaker & Power Bank

Kulr’s ultra-portable, splashproof speaker uses best-in-class technology for rich and clear sound.

Removable Inner Container

Place Kulr’s inner container in the fridge to pre-cool beverages overnight.

Smart, Modular Storage

Multiple configurations make it easy to store and protect your phone, keys, tablet and more.

Handy Bottle Opener with Flashlight

Never again will you find yourself stuck at the beach without one.

Compact & Portable

Small enough to grab and take on the go, but large enough to hold up to 16 cans.



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You Won’t Believe the Ridiculous Features on These Dream Yachts

August 18, 2016
As if it’s not enough to sail the Caribbean in the lap of luxury on a private yacht, these mega yachts up the ante with ridiculously awesome toys that would make any multimillionaire playboy drool. As you daydream of lounging on your own personal sundeck, check out our compilation of some of the coolest yacht features available for charter for the rich and famous. Amphibious Vehicle aboard the Exuma Photo via fraseryachts.com Getting seasick aboard your 163-foot luxury super yacht? No worries. Just hop in The Exuma’s Iveco amphibious Jeep and cruise to shore. Perfect for exploring deserted islands or a trip into town on your voyage across the Mediterranean Sea. The Exuma will set you back $213,000 to charter for a week. On second thought, can we scratch the yacht charter and just rent the floating jeep instead? Jet Surf aboard the Passion Photo via unikgo.com This 173-foot yacht is outfitted with a jet-powered surfboard for guests who want to channel Marty McFly from Back to the Future 2 on the high seas. Jet Surfboards aren’t for the faint of heart; they can crank up to speed of more than 30 miles per hour. The Passion costs a paltry $195,000 – $225,000 to charter for a week. Start saving up now–or just take out a second mortgage in exchange for the best week of your life. Submarine aboard the Naia Photo via Pegaso Marine Research If you want to skip the SCUBA certification but still explore the deep sea beneath your superyacht, Naia has the perfect submarine solution. The 241-foot yacht carries a submersible with enough space for five passengers, capable of diving up to 541 feet beneath the surface. This yacht doubles as a research vessel on occasion, so don’t be surprised if you’re tagging along with a crew of marine biologists scoping out some wild sea life. Paparazzi Laser Field aboard the Eclipse Photo via wikipedia.org If paparazzi try to approach the Eclipse, their cameras will get fried. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich not only equipped his billion-dollar superyacht with a rumored missile-defense system, but also an anti-paparazzi laser shield. It works by shooting a concentrated beam of light that disrupts a camera’s ability to record a digital image. So, if you want to be equally prepared for a cruise missile as a swarm of paparazzi, charter Abramovich’s yacht. Word to the wise: the cost of the charter isn’t listed online, so it probably ain’t cheap. Outdoor Movie Theater aboard the Maltese Falcon Photo via burgessyachts.com After the sun goes down, turn this yacht’s sails into a massive outdoor cinema on the high seas. With a state-of-the-art surround sound system, you just might feel like you’re in a real movie theater, minus the creaky seats and stale popcorn. The cost to rent this bad boy for a week? A cool half-million. Helicopter aboard the Garcon Photo via www.moranyachts.com If this yacht’s fleet of jet skis, boats and four-man submarine aren’t enough excitement for you, why not take to the skies

7 Rooftop Bars with Jaw-Dropping Views

August 5, 2016
Why enjoy happy hour from the confines of a crowded bar when you can sip your cocktail with an incredible view? From sweeping oceanfront vistas to jaw-dropping downtown skylines, we’ve compiled the best the seven spots in America to enjoy a rooftop refreshment. If you’re scared of heights, steer clear of this one. New York City: The Press Lounge Photo via thepresslounge.com Drink in the sights along with a spritzer at this rooftop lounge that offers unparalleld views of Manhattan.   The patio wraps around the building, giving you a spectacular 360 degree view. Take in the Empire State Building or Times Square as you enjoy the City that Never Sleeps in style. Chicago: Cindy’s Photo via Cindysrooftop.com Boasting some of the best views of the Windy City, Cindy’s rooftop restaurant and bar has the relaxed feel and decor of a Great Lakes beach house. The open-air terrace offers a great vantage point looking out over Lake Michigan and Millennium Park, which, for the non-natives, is home to that giant silver bean tourists always snap selfies with. Washington, D.C.: The Liaison’s Rooftop Bar and Pool Photo via pqliving.com With poolside cabanas and bottle service, you’ll feel like you’re at the beach instead of the heart of our nation’s capital.   Located at The Liaison hotel on Capitol Hill, laze away your day as lobbyists and politician’s staffers scurry on the streets below. St. Petersburg, Florida: The Canopy Rooftop Lounge Photo via visitflorida.com Soak in the sun on this posh terrace lined with private cabanas. The Canopy Rooftop Lounge sits atop the Birchwood Hotel on St. Pete’s exclusive Beach Drive. Pick a couch or post up along the perimeter while you enjoy a craft cocktail and stunning views of Tampa Bay. Las Vegas: 107 Sky Lounge Photo via stratospherehotel.com Billing itself as the highest and sleekest lounge on the Sin City Strip, this dark and cozy venue is perched a dizzying 107 floors up on the Stratosphere Tower. Depending on the day, 107 Sky Lounge offers soothing live jazz or a late-night, nightclub atmosphere with DJs spinning house beats into the early morning hours. If the panoramic views aren’t enough for you, step out of the lounge and brace yourself for one of the Stratosphere’s notoriously terrifying high-rise amusement rides. San Diego: The Wood Photo via dunawaybedandbreakfast.com After catching some swells at Pacific Beach, make your way up to the top of this oceanside restaurant and bar to grab a seat and a pitcher of beer. This unpretentious rooftop watering hole overlooks one of San Diego’s most popular surfing beaches. The crowd is a laid-back mix of surfers, locals and tourists. The Wood is currently being remodeled and we can’t wait to see what the rooftop will look like after its facelift is finished. South Beach, Miami: The Clevelander Photo via clevelander.com After a strenuous day of sipping pina coladas by the pool and soaking up the sun on Miami’s iconic South Beach, heat things up by heading to The Clevelander’s rooftop lounge. Treat yourself to bottle service and views of

7 Secluded US Beaches That Feel Like Your Own Private Island

July 29, 2016
Going to the beach is supposed to be soothing, but it’s not the case when it’s as crowded as a shopping mall and you can’t even find a place to lay your towel. The good news is, you don’t have to sail to the Caribbean to escape the crowds. We’ve got the scoop on 7 secluded beaches that’ll make you feel like you’re on a deserted island, right here in the USA. 1. Santa Rosa Island, Florida Photo via reveriechaser.com Miles of undeveloped, sugar sand beach await you just a short drive east of Pensacola. To get here, drive down the quiet, two-lane road lined with white sand dunes and find your own private spot. Tourists usually stick to the public beach and their resorts, leaving Santa Rosa Island to locals and more intrepid travelers. If you like to snorkel or SCUBA dive, check out the man-made reef which is accessible right off the shore. The reef is brimming with fish and sea turtles, and you might even spot a nurse shark or two. 2. Assateague Island, Virginia and Maryland Photo via www.independenttraveler.com You don’t have to travel to the Wild West to see herds of wild horses. Assateague Island offers secluded, pristine beaches where your only company is the roaming stallions that frequent the area. Local legend says the horses came from a Spanish galleon that shipwrecked on the coast. The park offers plenty of no-frills campsites, and it’s just a three hour drive from our nation’s capital. 3. Enderts Beach, California Photo via www.oceanfronthotels.com Find a quiet spot on Enderts Beach by hiking through Northern California’s iconic Redwoods. Walk along a now-abandoned stretch of old coastal highway and find your own private spot to watch the waves crash. Tidal pools on the beach offer an up-close look at some amazing marine life, including sea stars and giant green anemones. 4. Outer Banks, North Carolina Photo via phattoursmx.weebly.com The Outer Banks of North Carolina are hardly a secret; “OBX” stickers are as ubiquitous as Tarheels ballcaps in this part of  the country. But that doesn’t mean you can’t escape the crowds and have the beach all to yourself. If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, rent a fat tire bike and ride away from the masses along the sandy shore. The island offers a selection of rustic campsites among the sea oats. 5. Palm Beach, Florida Photo via jwtravels.wordpress.com The island of billionaires, J.F.K. and Jimmy Buffett offers plenty of deserted beaches…if you know where to find them. Palm Beach is a low-key alternative to its neighbors to the south in Miami, but its public beach can still get pretty crowded. Skip the public beach and head to the north end of the island, which has discreet public beach accesses nestled between the mansions of the rich and famous. Ditch your vehicle in favor of a bike, and the island is yours to explore. 6. Point Bennett, California Photo via www.its.caltech.edu If you’re looking to escape Southern California’s

Behind the Scenes: Kulr Design for Manufacture

July 22, 2016
Design for manufacture, or DFM, is the term used to describe the process of preparing a product for mass manufacturing. It’s meant to make the product as easy as possible to produce in large quantities, and to perfect every final detail before manufacturing begins. We’re nearing the final phases of DFM for Kulr, which is the last step before moving forward with our functioning prototype. This prototype will be as close to the “real thing” as you can get! After that, we’ll produce the Kulr that’ll be ready for sale. This week, Kulr founder Dane went behind-the-scenes with our manufacturing team to see the latest progress and learn more about the tooling and injection molding process. Kulr is comprised of a number of smaller components, each designed carefully for style and function. We wanted every part of Kulr to look as sleek as possible, while also being lightweight and insulating to max! This means each part will created individually using injection molding, which is the process of injecting a raw, pliable material like plastic into a mold made from hard metal. These molds aren’t easy to make; they take time and a significant investment of resources. That’s where we’ve been focusing our efforts over the last few weeks, and we look forward to completing the process very shortly! Want to stay up-to-date with the entire Kulr manufacturing process? Please subscribe to our mailing list and never miss an update.