You Won’t Believe the Ridiculous Features on These Dream Yachts

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crazy mega yacht features

As if it’s not enough to sail the Caribbean in the lap of luxury on a private yacht, these mega yachts up the ante with ridiculously awesome toys that would make any multimillionaire playboy drool.

As you daydream of lounging on your own personal sundeck, check out our compilation of some of the coolest yacht features available for charter for the rich and famous.

crazy mega yacht features

Amphibious Vehicle aboard the Exuma

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Getting seasick aboard your 163-foot luxury super yacht? No worries. Just hop in The Exuma’s Iveco amphibious Jeep and cruise to shore. Perfect for exploring deserted islands or a trip into town on your voyage across the Mediterranean Sea.

The Exuma will set you back $213,000 to charter for a week. On second thought, can we scratch the yacht charter and just rent the floating jeep instead?

crazy mega yacht features

Jet Surf aboard the Passion

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This 173-foot yacht is outfitted with a jet-powered surfboard for guests who want to channel Marty McFly from Back to the Future 2 on the high seas. Jet Surfboards aren’t for the faint of heart; they can crank up to speed of more than 30 miles per hour.

The Passion costs a paltry $195,000 – $225,000 to charter for a week. Start saving up now–or just take out a second mortgage in exchange for the best week of your life.

mega yacht features

Submarine aboard the Naia

Photo via Pegaso Marine Research

If you want to skip the SCUBA certification but still explore the deep sea beneath your superyacht, Naia has the perfect submarine solution.

The 241-foot yacht carries a submersible with enough space for five passengers, capable of diving up to 541 feet beneath the surface. This yacht doubles as a research vessel on occasion, so don’t be surprised if you’re tagging along with a crew of marine biologists scoping out some wild sea life.

best mega yacht features

Paparazzi Laser Field aboard the Eclipse

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If paparazzi try to approach the Eclipse, their cameras will get fried.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich not only equipped his billion-dollar superyacht with a rumored missile-defense system, but also an anti-paparazzi laser shield. It works by shooting a concentrated beam of light that disrupts a camera’s ability to record a digital image.

So, if you want to be equally prepared for a cruise missile as a swarm of paparazzi, charter Abramovich’s yacht. Word to the wise: the cost of the charter isn’t listed online, so it probably ain’t cheap.

best super yacht features

Outdoor Movie Theater aboard the Maltese Falcon

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After the sun goes down, turn this yacht’s sails into a massive outdoor cinema on the high seas.

With a state-of-the-art surround sound system, you just might feel like you’re in a real movie theater, minus the creaky seats and stale popcorn. The cost to rent this bad boy for a week? A cool half-million.

craziest mega yacht features

Helicopter aboard the Garcon

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If this yacht’s fleet of jet skis, boats and four-man submarine aren’t enough excitement for you, why not take to the skies in the Garcon’s Bell 365 Helicopter?

With a spacious, luxurious interior, this mega yacht’s deck was built to carry all of the toys a multimillionaire could wish for on a transatlantic expedition. This yacht rings in at $276,500 plus expenses to charter for a week.

Which of these crazy vessels would you most like to take our for a week on the water?

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