Why Kulr?

We’re thrilled with the feedback we’ve receiving on Kulr. Everyone we talk to about the product seems to love the concept and the idea that an awesome electronic accessory doesn’t have to look, well, ugly.

People always ask us: why a cooler?

We love the story of how Kulr came about, so we wanted to take a minute to share it with you.

Four years ago our founder, Dane Jackman, was in Puerto Rico for a wedding. He and some friends were out on the beach celebrating ‘La Noche de San Juan,’ or Saint John’s Eve.

Ever heard of it? It’s basically a giant nightlong celebration held in the middle of summer every year. You go to the beach (or the nearest body of water, or even a pool or bathtub), and spend the evening eating, drinking and having a great time with friends. At midnight, everyone dunks themselves backwards into the water. This is meant to cleanse the body of bad luck and give it good luck for the year ahead.

As you can imagine, throw in some cocktails and great people and you have one heck of a good time.

Anyway, Dane was on the beach with his friends when all of a sudden, they heard loud, blasting music coming their way. It seemed to be getting closer and closer, but Dane couldn’t figure out where on earth the music was coming from.

It turned out that a group of guys were approaching, lugging a giant cooler behind them through the sand. The cooler was rigged up with car stereos and was filled not with beer, but with batteries, amplifiers and wires. The music was pumping.

A typical stereo cooler

A typical stereo cooler

In fact, it was what’s known as a stereo cooler, and they’re actually quite a cult phenomenon. People follow tutorials on the internet to make their own music-enabled coolers.

A big fan of both music and the outdoors, Dane was immediately hooked on the idea. He loved the concept of a cooler that doubled as a sound system, but being an engineer, he knew there had to be a better way of configuring it all.

He came back home to Miami Beach and began tinkering (and tinkering, and tinkering). His goal was to produce a music-enabled cooler that wasn’t just meant for getting the dance party started, but one that also looked great and would keep your drinks cold to boot.

After years working to create a design that was both functional and beautiful, the first model was born: Kulr, a personal beverage cooler.

Kulr combines best-in-class sound quality with the ultimate functional product—a cooler that’s so lightweight you can grab it and go anywhere, from the beach to a hike in the mountains and beyond.

We hope this story gives you a better understanding of the culture, passion and fun behind this sleek lifestyle product. It’s not just a cooler, but a mindset.

If you love music, the outdoors and spending time having fun with great people, you’re going to love Kulr! Pre-order yours by clicking the button below.