22 Reasons Miami is the Best City in the US

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We see you, Los Angeles. And New York, you’re our old standby. Heck, Seattle’s even got it going on.

But one thing remains true: Miami has our heart, and probably always will. Here are 22 reasons we think Miami is hands down the best city in the US.

1. No one bats an eye if you’re in a bathing suit–and only a bathing suit–in public.

Miami best city 1
Via Flickr user FashionByHe

2. Un cafecito is better than pumpkin spiced anything–and way more addictive.

Miami best city2
Via Flickr user Steven Depolo

3. Because the nation’s largest subtropical wilderness and amazing wildlife haven, the Everglades, is practically in our backyard.

Miami best city3

4. So are the Florida Keys.

Miami best city4

5. Everybody speaks Spanish, and if you don’t, you can easily learn.

6. This is “winter.”

Miami best city6

7. It’s a thriving entrepreneurial hub, recently recognized by USA Today, Forbes, CNBC and others for its favorable startup culture.

8. Art is everywhere.

Miami best city8
Via MiamiArtDistrict.net

9. And during Art Basel, it’s a 24-hour party for an entire week in the name of art.

Miami best city9
Via Fashionweekdaily.com

10. You never have to worry about “running late,” because everyone else is, too.

11. It’s one of the few big cities where new acquaintances don’t immediately ask you, ‘what do you do for a living?’

12. The Miami Heat.

Miami best city12
Via Rukkus.com

13. And the Miami heat.

Miami best city13
Via NYDailynews.com

14. You recognize the names of some of the most famous NFL players because you or someone you know went to high school with them.

15. Different cultures are not only appreciated, but celebrated.

Miami best city15
Via Miamiherald.com

16. There are people of every race, ethnicity, sexual preference, etc. and we all coexist in a way that doesn’t happen everywhere.

17. It’s the home of this queen.

Miami best city17

18. Ligers are a thing, and they live here.

Miami best city18
Via JungleIsland.com

19. There’s delicious and authentic food on almost every corner.

Miami best city19
Tropichop at Pollo Tropical via Flickr user ScaredyKat

20. It’s one of the few cities in Florida where you can get by without owning a car.

21. You can buy beautiful flowers, local produce and even fresh seafood out of the trunk of a car on the street corner.

Miami best city21

22. It’s the birthplace of Kulr!

Of course, there are too many other reasons to love living in Miami to mention here. What are some of your favorite things about this city?

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